New admission plan gives students ‘faster option’

The University of New Hampshire in the United States says it will start accepting scores from the Chinese higher education entrance exam, making it the first flagship state school in the US to evaluate Chinese applicants using the results from that exam, known as the Gaokao, reports The Straits Times.

There are 377,000 Chinese students in the US, representing more than one-third of all international students, according to the federal government. Since they often pay full tuition, they are an important source of revenue for American universities, which have been intensifying their efforts to recruit Chinese students.

Erika Mantz, spokesperson for the University of New Hampshire, said the “faster option” was meant to attract “outstanding Chinese high school graduates” after they get their Gaokao exam results in late June, months after the deadline has passed under the regular US university admissions process. The new programme allows them to start one semester earlier.
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