60 universities in alleged fake degree scandal – Police

Cybercrime sleuths have unearthed startling facts in the case of the Pakistani national who was recently arrested for illegally obtaining an Indian passport and staying in Hyderabad in India, saying that according to a diary in his possession, 60 universities in India are allegedly implicated in a fake certificates scandal, writes U Sudhakar Reddy for The Times of India.

A diary seized from a Karimnagar lecturer, Maqsood Ahmed, a co-accused in the case, revealed that the certificate racket is much murkier than police initially thought. “We have questioned the main accused Usman Ikram (41) and analysed the diary which revealed that lecturer Maqsood Ahmed in connivance with the staff of several universities in Mumbai, Kolkata and Guntur, obtained fake certificates for Usman. At least 4,500 certificates from 60 universities across the country [India] were obtained and sold. He had written the rates of each university certificate in the diary,” said the officer.

Maqsood Ahmed was a lecturer of Trinity College in Karimnagar. He arranged a fake educational certificate from a Kolkata university for Usman. Usman illegally entered India from Nepal and has been living in Hyderabad for the past seven years after obtaining a fake passport and an educational certificate. Based on his confession, police arrested lecturer Maqsood Ahmed on 2 June for providing an educational certificate to Usman.
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