BRICS academics proffer solutions to pressing issues

Academics from the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) bloc proposed some innovative solutions to the developing world’s most pressing problems when they met in Johannesburg, South Africa, under the aegis of the just-ended 10th BRICS Academic Forum, writes Mthulisi Sibanda for Caj News Africa.

South Africa, which holds the BRICS chairship in 2018, set the agenda for this year’s forum, choosing to focus on the theme of envisioning inclusive development through a socially responsive economy. “South Africa is not a poor country but an unjust one. It is up to us to right those injustices,” commented Professor Ari Sitas, chairman of the South African BRICS Think Tank.

The theme of injustice was particularly evident in the first panel which focused on gender and inequality in BRICS countries. Gao Hao from the China delegation pointed out that inclusivity was not only beneficial for women but for the economy as well. Strengthening education and science as well as promoting energy research also featured prominently at the BRICS Academic Forum. Thaiane Oliveira from Brazil urged BRICS countries to invest in more open access platforms to improve the visibility of their scientific research.
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