Employment a top priority for all tertiary institutions

Amid unemployment concerns, the University Grants Commission is set to instruct every higher education institution to ensure that at least 50% of those graduating get access to a job, self-employment or get to pursue higher education further, and that two-thirds of the students are engaged in ‘socially productive activities’ while studying, writes Anubhuti Vishnoi for The Economic Times.

The commission was expected to approve the decision during its meeting on 24 May, outlining a set of targets and objectives for all higher education institutions that must be achieved by 2022. The five-point objectives, referred to as the University Grants Commission or UGC mandate, are focused on ensuring that students are more employable, have essential skills and are better engaged with society and industry.

The UGC will also call on institutions to continue to assess and handhold the students even as they leave. The institution must, as per this mandate, put each passing student through an exit test to assess his or her learning levels and the student must be tracked for progress after course completion.
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