Welsh universities urged to crack the code

Cardiff and Swansea universities will receive £1.2 million (US$1.6 million) to support their involvement in the United Kingdom-wide Institute of Coding and help create the next generation of coding experts. The investment is on top of a £1.3 million drive to connect Welsh pupils with coding, Cracking the Code, which was announced last year, writes Chris Middleton for Business Quarter.

Research from 2016 showed the digital sector employs 40,000 people and is worth over £8.5 billion in turnover to the Welsh economy. Cardiff and Swansea universities will benefit from the funding to support coding initiatives in schools, colleges and universities. The Institute of Coding has been established by the UK government to serve as a national focus for improving digital skills provision. It includes universities, businesses and industry experts including IBM, Cisco, BT and Microsoft.

The funding will pay for computers and associated equipment for Technocamps labs which provide hands-on experience for teachers and learners on a range of coding activities and tools. It will also fund schools or business liaison officers, and the establishment of community engagement code clubs run by the National Software Academy. Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams said: “Code is everywhere and part of our everyday lives. Having world-class digital skills is essential and it is vitally important that young people have the ability and knowledge to develop in this field.”
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