Universities discuss cooperation to boost science

A delegation from the University of Dubai recently visited the People’s Republic of China to discuss scientific and academic cooperation with Peking and Ningxia universities and the Confucius Institute, write Esraa Ismail and Rasha Abubaker for Emirates News Agency.

The delegation visited the Beijing Language and Culture University which specialises in teaching Chinese to non-native speakers, including a large number of Arab students. The two sides discussed the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the two universities, including the exchange of students and faculty members, in addition to joint scientific and academic research.

During the visit to Ningxia University, the delegation reviewed ways to activate the already existing memorandum of understanding between the two universities and to boost cooperation between the two sides in the fields of exchange of students and faculty members and the preparation of joint scientific research. The delegation also visited the headquarters of the Confucius Institute to discuss ways to further develop cooperation.
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