Ministry announces greater regulation of private HEIs

Private higher education institutions in Togo, each of which currently awards its own qualifications, will in future have to teach the same curriculum and hold the same examinations under the control of the higher education ministry.

The Republic of Togo website described the present system as "a great shambles" and "a real jungle in which recruiters lose out".

It said Togo had several dozen private institutions, some of which "provide excellent education; others are a dead end for students".

“A diploma delivered in Togo must be a diploma of quality. We must be more serious and rigorous in education. At stake is the future of higher education,” said Higher Education Minister Octave Nicoué Broohm, presenting his plan for harmonising degrees and other higher qualifications.

A "battalion of experts" would categorise and identify all the courses and programmes to look for disparities and inconsistencies, and to correct them, said the website report.

It said the work should be finalised within six months, and would be operational in time for the next university year. – Compiled by Jane Marshall

This article is drawn from local media.
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