Four universities engaged in match-making

An alliance between four of Europe’s leading universities – Sorbonne, Heidelberg, Charles and Warsaw – is the first of several expected cross-border deals following French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan for European Union academic networks, writes Richard L Hudson for Science Business.

The announcement on 21 March of an alliance among four of Europe’s top universities was the first in what many expect to become a series of new deals in the university sector. The ‘4EU’ alliance among Sorbonne University in Paris, Charles University in Prague, and the universities of Heidelberg and Warsaw aims eventually to boost collaboration in research, infrastructure, student mobility and academic curricula. Though not a legally binding agreement, a declaration of intent was signed on 10 March in Paris by the presidents of the four institutions.

The announcement comes as many other universities around Europe are talking about similar cross-border alliances. It follows a proposal last September by French President Macron to create 20 cross-border European university networks, of about four partners each, to strengthen academic performance and boost European cooperation.
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