New Delhi march to protest ‘destruction of universities’

A ‘People’s March’ from Mandi House to Parliament Street took place in New Delhi last week to protest against the “destruction of universities”. In addition to teachers, unions, students, MPs, leaders of political parties and the general public joined the march in solidarity, reports The Hindu.

Organised by the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) and the Federation of Central Universities’ Teachers’ Associations (FEDCUTA), the march was aimed at protesting against issues such as the replacement of grants by loans through the Higher Education Funding Agency, tripartite memoranda of understanding, graded autonomy to universities and the granting of financial ‘autonomy’ to educational institutions of repute which would likely turn them into ‘teaching shops’.

“We as teachers remain committed to our students. As in the past, the Delhi University Teachers’ Association appeals to its members to take measures to ensure that students are not adversely affected because of the strike. This struggle is a joint struggle by all sections of the university community and increasing participation of students is one of its strengths,” DUTA said in a statement.
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