Academics protest against threat to university autonomy

The Karachi University Teachers Society has vowed to remain committed to the revocation of the Sindh Universities Law Amendment Bill 2018 as members marched last Monday from the Arts Lobby to Azadi Chowk to express their dissatisfaction with the bill, reports The Express Tribune.

Participants showed up in droves and chanted slogans against the controversial legislation. The Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) President Professor Jamil Kazmi spoke on the occasion and said that university teachers rejected the Sindh Universities Law Amendment Bill 2018 outright. “We have been repeatedly deliberating on the matter with the government since 2013,” the KUTS chief said. “However, the Sindh government has miserably failed in fulfilling its promises.”

He said the new bill will deprive the universities of their autonomy. The legislation is an attempt to jeopardise the system of the universities, as is the case with public schools and colleges of the province, said Kazmi. He added that universities were institutions of higher education and research and depriving them of their autonomy will amount to depriving the country of impartial education and research.
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