Why corruption is flourishing in universities

Cases are not uncommon in Ukraine where courts take the side of rectors, deans and professors who were not just involved in scandals and fights with government officials but were caught red-handed in blatant corruption acts, reports UNIAN.

If we monitor the reports of the press offices of prosecutors’ offices across Ukraine, it turns out that bribes in educational facilities are recorded almost on a monthly basis. And the sums of bribes (demanded both by lab assistants and professors, department boards and deans) range from UAH2,500 (US$95) to US$5,000.

A website monitoring violations of the rights of teachers and students in higher education facilities recorded more than 400 violations in various universities. Almost 41% of them are related to bribe extortion and other types of corruption. Penalties are severe, but even high-profile detentions do not guarantee a sure ‘lock-up’ of bribe takers. And there are also such egregious cases where, having received a bribe, the offender somehow appears to be clean before the law.
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