Universities to set their own admissions quotas

Vietnam’s ministry of education and training will allow universities to set admission quotas and take into account the number of visiting lecturers they will have based on the number of admitted students, according to the ministry’s newly released draft circular on admissions practices in higher education institutions, reports Viet Nam News.

The circular stipulates that the number of visiting lecturers taken into account will be capped at 5% of the number of academic staff. For example, if a university has 100 academic staff, then the number of visiting lecturers is five people at most. This percentage will apply to almost all majors, except art-related fields where the figure will be 30%. Previously, the ministry set a specific quota for each university, regardless of how many lecturers they had.

According to the draft circular, two criteria will be used to establish an admissions quota: the number of full-time students per lecturer and the area for academic activities per full-time student. The draft circular also revokes the current rule that the maximum size of a university must not exceed 15,000 full-time students (medical schools could not exceed 8,000 students and art schools could not exceed 5,000). Quality assessment will now play a role in determining admissions quotas.
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