Another university drops its English proficiency rule

National Chengchi University recently abolished a rule requiring students to pass standardised English proficiency tests, becoming the latest university to drop the graduation requirement following National Cheng Kung University and National Taipei University of Education, writes Ann Maxon for the Taipei Times.

According to the requirement, students must score a minimum of 61 points on the ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ internet-based test or its equivalent. Those who fail to meet the requirement need to complete additional English courses to graduate. Following a 47-7 vote in favour of scrapping the requirement, the university announced that students would no longer be required to meet it to graduate.

“Now that English proficiency is no longer a graduation requirement, the university will make it a key objective to improve students’ English proficiency,” National Chengchi University President Edward Chow said, adding that being fluent in English enables students to learn more about the world and increases their chances of finding better jobs.
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