HE body launches plagiarism probe against one of its own

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is set to meet soon to decide the fate of its second most important officer whose research paper was found to be 88% plagiarised, writes Waseem Abbasi for The News.

The commission Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmad set up a committee to probe the allegations of plagiarism against the commission’s executive director, Dr Arshad Ali. Sources said after the issue came to the light through a news story published in this paper, the committee formed by the Higher Education Commission chairman held a meeting to review the executive director’s research paper which was found to be plagiarised.

The official software Turnitin, which has been provided by the commission to the universities to check plagiarism, shows that Arshad Ali’s paper “A Taxonomy and Survey of Grid Resource Planning and Reservation Systems for Grid Enabled Analysis Environment”, published in July 2004, is almost the exact copy of a similar paper authored by Chaitanya Kandagatla, University of Texas at Austin in America in February 2004.
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