Grace Mugabe’s degree under probe

Former first lady Grace Mugabe, who controversially attained a doctor of philosophy degree at the University of Zimbabwe three years ago, faces humiliation and a corruption probe after lecturers formally complained that her doctorate is bogus as there is no credible record of her study, writes Wongai Zhangazha for the Zimbabwe Independent.

Mugabe was awarded the ‘earned’ degree when her husband Robert was chancellor of all state universities, but now faces disgrace as the Zimbabwe Independent can exclusively reveal that members of the university’s sociology department board have no knowledge of her proposal, progress reports, thesis examiners and outcome.

This comes as it emerged recently that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is probing the circumstances surrounding her attainment of the degree amid concerns she did not comply with the normal procedures that other candidates are subjected to. According to commission sources, University Vice-Chancellor Levi Nyagura and lecturer Professor Claude Mararike, who was supposedly one of Grace Mugabe’s supervisors, face arrest over abuse of office for allegedly awarding Mugabe a bogus doctorate.
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