Universities to introduce course to counter extremism

Alarmed by the rising trend of extremism in students, Pakistan’s top universities gathered in Islamabad to discuss their role in countering the threat of radicalisation and instilling peaceful ideology, writes Sana Jamal for Gulf News.

As many as 80 university vice-chancellors attended the conference on “the role of universities in advancing national narrative to counter violence, extremism and terrorism” last Monday, organised by the Islamic Research Institute of International Islamic University, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The educationists issued a joint declaration saying a subject centred on interfaith harmony, tolerance and peaceful coexistence should be introduced in all universities to counter extremist trends with a positive narrative and to create a peaceful society. The participants said sectarian hatred and imposing one’s ideology was a clear violation of Sharia and could not be allowed as it was also against the constitution of Pakistan. The vice-chancellors and ministers agreed that non-Muslims must be provided full protection and higher education institutions must discourage discriminatory attitudes.
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