Lawlessness gripping university campuses

Greece’s universities are increasingly coming into the grip of lawlessness, as evidenced by a spike in attacks on students and staff. The assaults, most of which go unreported, are apparently ideologically motivated and carried out by individuals who have no affiliation to the institutions – often self-styled anarchists occupying parts of campuses, reports

Speaking to Kathimerini on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, an academic at Athens University’s Law School described how a postgraduate working as an exam supervisor was recently threatened by a squatter after he stepped in to stop the latter from beating up a student. Authorities have since advised the PhD student and the victim, allegedly a member of a political youth organisation detested by far-left groups, to stay away from the campus for a certain period of time.

In another incident, a guard at Democritus University in the northern city of Xanthi was recently assaulted by a group of youths after he asked them to leave the premises for the night. The assailants, believed to be self-styled anarchists aged 14 to 15, allegedly threw a bottle at the guard before shoving him to the floor.
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