Federal judge blocks third Trump travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order last week blocking the implementation of a new iteration of the Trump administration’s travel ban. The ban intended to block all would-be travellers from North Korea and Syria, in addition to prohibiting all immigrant travel and imposing various restrictions on certain types of non-immigrant travel for nationals of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela and Yemen, writes Elizabeth Redden for Inside Higher Ed.

In issuing a nationwide order blocking implementation of the third ban, Judge Derrick K Watson found that the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their argument that President Donald Trump overstepped his authority in issuing the new proclamation restricting travel, which, he wrote, “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor”.

In finding that the state of Hawaii had standing to sue, Judge Watson specifically cited harm to the University of Hawaii. “It … has multiple faculty members and scholars from the designated countries and uncertainty regarding the entry ban ‘threatens the university’s recruitment, educational programming and educational mission’,” Judge Watson wrote, quoting from a declaration from a university administrator.
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