Government to curb private university entrance fees

A government study of private universities' entrance fees shows the institutions are collecting too much. The education ministry conducted the study on 80 private four-year universities, as part of efforts to have the universities cut their entrance fees to alleviate the financial burden on students and their families, writes Kim Bo-eun for The Korea Times.

Data shows private universities charged an average KRW773,500 (US$680) in entrance fees in 2017. The level of entrance fees at public schools was significantly lower: the 2017 average was KRW149,500. According to the study, the universities spent 33.4% of the fees on expenses unrelated to admissions.

The ministry said it would negotiate with the universities to settle on an appropriate amount for entrance fees as well as plans to cut the fees, based on the study. It will convene a meeting with officials of institutions that are members of a nationwide association of private university presidents.
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