Academics issue warning over ‘truncated’ HE commission

The government has been sitting on appointments to key posts in the University Grants Commission, forcing the higher education regulator to make do with an ad hoc arrangement, although two search panels had shortlisted possible candidates at least four months ago, writes Basant Kumar Mohanty for The Telegraph India.

The six-decade-old University Grants Commission, mandated to determine standards of education in around 800 universities and 40,000 colleges in India, has been functioning without a regular chairman and vice-chairman for the past six months. The posts of two other members in the 11-member commission have also been vacant for over six months.

Academics say the truncated regulator is more susceptible to giving in to pressure from the government. "The person officiating as the head of an institution is vulnerable to various kinds of pressure. It becomes easy for the government to get its agenda passed without much scrutiny," said a senior teacher at Jamia Millia Islamia.
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