Country aims for 40 world-class universities by 2020

The ‘double first-class’ project university list, a new impetus for the development of China's higher education sector, will soon be announced by China’s Ministry of Education and some universities have already informed the public that they are on the list, writes Li Yan for People’s Daily Online.

The term ‘double first-class’, which refers to ‘world-class university’ and ‘world-class discipline’, was approved by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, and China’s deepening reform lead group in 2016. The project, in the form of five-year plans, envisages China having some 40 universities and a number of majors recognised as world-class by 2020.

It is the third effort of its kind after two earlier programmes: Project 211 and Project 985, the government-funded endeavour to strengthen advanced higher education institutions and key disciplinary areas. However, the ‘double first-class’ project is more than just another version of the two previous projects, as it is a brand new plan, said Minister of Education Chen Baosheng.
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