Student suicide rate hits record levels at universities

A new study has shown that a record number of students in higher education in the United Kingdom have killed themselves in recent years. The alarming statistics also claim that the number of undergraduates who have disclosed mental health problems during their first year has grown to a total of over 15,000 in a decade, writes Oliver Cragg for the International Business Times.

The data shared by London's Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank found that 134 students killed themselves in 2015, a new high. That same year also holds the record for the largest total of students who dropped out of university due to suffering from some form of mental health condition.

The results indicate that first-year suicide rates have doubled over the past 10 years. The study highlighted that female students attending university in their first year were more likely to disclose their mental health concerns during 2015-16. It also raised concerns about increased demand for treatment, with 94% of 58 universities questioned noting a sharp rise in those seeking or requiring counselling over a five-year period.
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