Gender parity among academics ‘disappointing’ – Minister

The minister for higher education in Scotland has described as “disappointing” attempts by universities to provide female academics with the same career opportunities as men, writes Andrew Denholm for The Herald Scotland.

Figures obtained by The Herald show women currently make up 47% of the academic workforce, but account for only 23% of professors and 30% of senior academics. At the current rate of progress, it would take a quarter of a century for Scottish universities to reach parity between the sexes in terms of promotion.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, the minister for higher education, said: “These findings are disappointing. I have made clear this government’s desire to see much more rapid progress made by our higher education institutions in addressing the current imbalance on gender representation in senior ranks … I will continue to impress upon all our higher education institutions to do more on this and other gender equality issues.”
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