Government is ‘killing’ technical universities – Union

The Technical Universities Teachers Association of Ghana has issued an ultimatum to government to constitute the governing councils for the various technical universities or risk triggering serious labour unrest in that sector, writes Kobina Welsing for Starr FM.

Addressing the media in Koforidua, the general secretary of the Technical Universities Teachers Association of Ghana, David Worwui-Brown, said: “If the councils are not duly inaugurated by 25 August 2017 we shall seek advice ourselves. We have a lot of options; we have the option to go on a sit down strike, we can go on full strike, we have the option not to teach, we have the option not to mark scripts and we have the option not to participate in any activity of the institution.”

The association believes that the tactics are a deliberate ploy by the current government to kill the technical university initiative by the previous government. “Since the conversion of polytechnics to technical universities, the current government before assuming office had been castigating the policy and after winning power is continuing in the grand agenda to kill the initiative of the previous government,” the union said.
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