Free tuition – College entrance exam may be revived

With the free tuition policy signed into law, the government is now planning to re-implement the National College Entrance Examination to manage the influx of students in state-funded higher education institutions, writes Janvic Mateo for The Philippine Star.

Commission on Higher Education Commissioner J Prospero de Vera confirmed to The Star last weekend that there are discussions to administer the National College Entrance Examination or NCEE to control the possible exodus of students to state and local universities and colleges. He said his proposal is to conduct a nationwide test that can guide the state-funded tertiary institutions in crafting their admission and retention policies.

“We will tell the state and local universities and colleges to tighten their admission and retention policies to ensure that they provide quality education,” De Vera added. The commission executive, however, stressed that re-implementing the NCEE would require the support of Congress as it was abolished through a law.
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