Chinese enrolment at universities ‘growing steadily’

The influx of Chinese students at Israeli universities has been growing steadily in recent years. At the forefront of this enrolment boom is the University of Haifa, which currently boasts some 200 Chinese students among its student body, compared to 20 in 2013, representing a 1,000% increase, writes Sarah Levi for The Jerusalem Post.

A majority of these students come from East China Normal University in Shanghai, which is a sister city of Haifa.

This past March, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Economy Minister Eli Cohen were present when University of Haifa President Ron Robin, along with the Hangzhou Wahaha Group and the Institute of Automation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, signed a US$10 million deal that finalised the construction of three Israeli-Chinese artificial intelligence technology centres in Haifa, Hangzhou and Beijing. According to the university, this deal “proved the growing strength of the relationship between the two countries”.
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