Officials warned to behave online as two lecturers fired

As the ruling Chinese Communist Party gears up for an all-important political congress later this year, the administration of President Xi Jinping has issued new rules aimed at limiting what party members can do online. The rules follow the axing of two university lecturers for “inappropriate comments” on social media, reports Radio Free Asia.

In an "opinion" issued recently, the party's powerful Central Propaganda Department warned its more than 60 million rank-and-file members not to engage in any "illegal" online behaviour.

Two universities recently terminated the contracts of lecturers, citing remarks they made online, reports indicated. Beijing Normal University lecturer Shi Jiepeng had his contract terminated on 25 July after being accused of posting "inappropriate comments" to social media, including WeChat, according to a copy of his termination letter posted on Twitter. And Li Mohai, a deputy professor at the Shandong Institute of Industry and Commerce, was fired from his job after he criticised government propaganda via his microblog account.
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