Oxford University under fire for take-home exam decision

Oxford University has been blasted for its “insulting” decision to allow students to sit exams at home in an attempt to close the gender gap, as a leading historian warns that the decision implies that women are the “weaker sex”, writes Camilla Turner for The Telegraph.

From the start of the next academic year, the university’s history faculty is to change its exam system to replace one of the five final-year exams with a ‘take-home’ paper. The move is designed to boost results for female students at Oxford, who are less likely to get a first-class degree in history than their male peers.

Amanda Foreman, a historian who is writing The World Made By Women, said the move was “well intentioned” yet insulting to women. She said the reason why men outperform women in their degrees is because young men are encouraged to be risk takers, while young women particularly at school are encouraged to be conformist.
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