Brexit leaves EU students wary of UK universities

A month ago the United Kingdom government announced that all European Union students entering university this year or next will receive the UK national rate of tuition for the entirety of their studies – even after the UK leaves the bloc as expected in 2019. But, writes Dave Keating for Deutsche Welle, what about the EU students that start after 2018?

The numbers are already down. As of January, the deadline for applications to the university admissions clearing house, applications from EU students to study in the UK had dropped by more than 7% since the Brexit vote – the first decrease in applications from EU students after almost a decade of unbroken growth.

The initial decline may only be the tip of the iceberg. Earlier this year the UK's Higher Education Policy Institute, a think tank, published a report predicting that harmonising tuition fees for EU and non-EU students could reduce enrolments from EU countries by over 31,000 students a year – a 57% decline. This would amount to a net loss, at current tuition rates, of £40 million (US$51 million) in the first year alone.
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