Student group says Oxford curriculum update ‘not enough’

Student campaigners have said pro-diversity changes to Oxford University's history curriculum do not go far enough, calling on the “overwhelmingly white” institution to introduce further reforms, writes Josh Lowe for Newsweek.

The curriculum update, covered widely by the British press last weekend, means that it will now be compulsory for history students at the prestigious university to study at least one paper in non-British and non-European history, alongside two papers of British history and two papers of European history.

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford, a student activist group inspired by protests in South Africa that campaigned from 2015 for the removal of a statue of the British imperial leader Cecil Rhodes from the university but evolved into a wider movement to ‘decolonise’ education, said in a statement posted on its Facebook page that reporting of the change had been “exaggerated”.
While this amounted to a move “in the right direction”, the statement said, the university was only making “small concessions”.
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