University marks second anniversary since terror attack

Garissa University College recently marked two years since a terrorist attack on the institution that left 142 students dead. Unlike last year's ceremony, which was attended by local political leaders, this event was a low-key affair graced by students and a handful of people, most of them college staff, writes Philip Muasya for the Standard.

The event kicked off with an early morning 15-kilometre marathon. Unlike last year's anniversary, there were no emotional accounts of the bloody massacre after heavily armed terrorists stormed a student hostel in the wee hours of the morning. The militant Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The hostel has since been renovated and renamed Ewaso Ng'iro as a way of shaking off the bad memories. Professor Ahmed Osman Warfa, the college's principal, said the university was making significant steps to recover from the attack. The admission of 195 new students in September last year was a good sign that the university was on its path to recovery.
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