Will tuition ruling impede American University of Cairo?

Egypt’s Administrative Court has ordered the administration of the American University in Cairo to accept tuition payment in Egyptian pounds rather than US dollars, raising fears of a decline in standards linked to reduced funding, writes Amr Eltohamy for Al-Monitor.

The lawsuit filed by 60 parents against Egypt’s prime minister, parliament speaker, the minister of higher education and the president of the American University in Cairo, or AUC, said that for 95 years the university has been receiving tuition payment in Egyptian pounds. But in 2014, the AUC issued a decision whereby students should pay 50% of their tuition fees in Egyptian pounds and 50% in US dollars, at the Central Bank’s exchange rate in 2014 (EGP7.5 to US$1).

The parents indicated that the Egyptian government’s decision to float the Egyptian pound at the end of November 2016 changed the exchange rate for the US dollar to at least EGP17, which raised the university’s fees by about 30%.
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