All universities commit to releasing sexual assault data

Every one of Australia's universities has committed to simultaneously releasing data on sexual assaults on their campuses after concerns were raised about a landmark survey of 39,000 students that would not reveal how many assaults had occurred at each institution, writes Eryk Bagshaw for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Universities Australia secured the commitment from all 39 universities to release individual data in what has been described as "an incredibly important step" by the peak body's chairman and vice-chancellor of the Western Sydney University, Barney Glover.

In February, universities were accused of "actively covering up sexual assaults" after a submission to the commission alleged there had been just six expulsions in the past five years despite more than 500 official complaints. Examples included students referring to an oval as a "rape oval", calling cask wine "slut juice" and residential quarters "slut alley".
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