Lecturers to learn about disruptive technology from CEOs

The Malaysian government is sending 30 public university lecturers to train under 10 chief executive officers for six months to a year, to show the educators the impact of disruptive technology in the working world, reports The Star/Asia News Network.

The tie-up is the second phase of the CEO@Faculty programme, with the first phase seeing top industry players lecturing at public universities to bring undergraduates up to speed on what is happening in industry.

Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh said he wants three-tenths of university lecturers to have industrial experience. “We're redesigning higher education to address disruptive technologies,” Datuk Seri Idris told The Sunday Star. "We have to stay relevant and competitive by providing graduates with the exposure, curriculum and experiences that are relevant to the workforce. We want to produce graduates who view themselves not only as jobseekers, but as job creators [too]."
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