Rise in number of women with higher education

Statistics show that the population of women with college degrees for the first time surpassed that of women who only graduated high school, writes Park Hyong-ki for The Korea Times.

Also, the population of single females increased, while the number of women who registered as the head of their household grew more than five times that of males. The number of college graduate females aged over 25 reached 6.64 million in 2015, or 36% of the total 18.4 million aged above 25. Those with a high school diploma totalled 6.32 million, or 34% of the total, the second-largest demographic.

Up to 77.3% of women aged 25 to 29 were single, up 8.1% during the five-year span (2010-15). The increase in single women reflects the growing number of people delaying marriage and having children, the statistics agency said. Also, as more women pursue higher education, the average age of marriage is rising. More than half of 9.29 million women aged over 20 said marriage got in the way of their career, followed by 28% pointing to having children as an obstacle to career development.
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