‘Devastating’ report on sexual assault at universities

Universities have been accused of "actively covering up sexual assaults" in a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission, which alleges there have been just six expulsions in the past five years despite more than 500 official complaints, writes Eryk Bagshaw for The Sydney Morning Herald.

The allegations, made by the advocacy group End Rape on Campus Australia, are based on more than five years of data and freedom-of-information requests, which show more than 500 official complaints of sexual assault and harassment have been made to universities in the past five years, with 145 reports relating specifically to rape.

In that same period 153 sexual assaults have been reported to police from the addresses of universities in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia. There have been six expulsions during that time. The University of Sydney is investigating Wesley, one of its oldest colleges, after the distribution of a journal that named who had sex with the most people.
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