New model to harmonise higher education fees

The Inter-University Council for East Africa is working to introduce a tool for calculating unit costs to help harmonise higher education fees, as part of its contribution to promoting equal opportunities for all higher education students in the region, writes James Karuhanga for The New Times.

According to Professor Alexandre Lyambabaje, executive secretary of the Inter-University Council for East Africa, this is part of a plan to harmonise higher education fees across the East African Community by mainly considering what he terms as “national treatment”, instead of the previously held mistaken belief that students can pay the same amounts for any programme in any member country.

“We don’t expect that a student in humanities will have the same amount as a student in sciences or a student in engineering. So, we created clusters of unit costs according to the area of specialisation,” Lyambabaje told The New Times last week, shedding light on the criteria chosen for the model under study.
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