MP warns of extremism spread in universities, mosques

Member of Parliament Abdul Hafiz Mansour recently said the spread of extremism at a number of universities and mosques is challenging Afghanistan's security, writes Samim Kubha for Tolo News.

Addressing a gathering at a private university in Kabul, Mansour said a number of extremist Muslims have been changed into a machine that produces infidels. "Who has allowed you to judge and write on your Facebook [page] that this is infidel and that is. How many people are you inviting to Islam every day while you are making infidels of hundreds of others? You have been changed into an infidel making machine," he said.

"The culture of Islam [a subject at universities] should be reformed, should be completed. Experts should reform it. I am a teacher of this subject. I know dozens of other teachers who are complaining about this subject and believe that it should be reformed," he added.
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