Universities push the envelope of technology

As Chinese investors flock to Israel in search of new technologies, top universities there are forging cooperation agreements with their Chinese counterparts and firms for research and development as well as technology transfer services, writes Ma Si for China Daily.

For instance, the University of Haifa, known for its science research, is working on a joint research laboratory with East China Normal University. The lab, funded by the Chinese government, will focus on big data, neural biology and other medical areas. Amos Shapira, president of Haifa University, said the proposed research centre would help bring more Israeli technologies to China and push the envelope of technology by partnering with leading Chinese scientists.

The move came shortly after a similar initiative in April between Ben-Gurion University, a force in computer science education, and Jilin University in northeastern China. Tsinghua University in China and Tel Aviv University launched a US$300 million research centre way back in 2014, prioritising partnership in nanotechnology, particularly with medical and optics applications.
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