Chinese company accused of US college application fraud

A major Chinese education company has paid thousands of dollars in perks or cash to admissions officers at top United States universities to help students apply to American universities. And according to eight former employees of Shanghai-based Dipont Education Management Group, the company’s services didn’t end there, write Steve Stecklow, Renee Dudley, James Pomfret and Alexandra Harney for Reuters.

Six former employees told Reuters that Dipont employees wrote application essays for students. Another said she altered recommendation letters that teachers had written for students. One student was given access to his high school transcript and erased bad grades, one of the former employees said.

Dipont denies the allegations of application fraud but boasts of its special relationship with some 20 US colleges, which include Vanderbilt University, Wellesley College, Tulane University and the University of Virginia. Their admissions officers have visited China since 2014, personally advising Dipont students at an annual summer programme on how to successfully apply to US colleges.
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