Top university moves to lower share of Chinese students

Australia's top-ranked global university is moving to lower its proportion of Chinese international students, a group it describes as "dominating" international student numbers, write Alexander Joske, Kelsey Munro and Philip Wen for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Documents unearthed in a freedom of information request reveal the Australian National University, or ANU, has since 2015 quietly implemented a "diversification strategy" in an attempt to lower its share of Chinese enrolments. The diversification strategy aims to recruit students from other nations such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.

ANU has the largest proportion of Chinese students in the Group of Eight universities. Over 60% of its commencing international undergraduate enrolments were from China in 2016. The documents, obtained by ANU student newspaper Woroni, reveal the university has been concerned about the financial risk of heavy dependence on the Chinese market.
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