Professor slams university ‘political correctness’

A Canadian professor has recorded two hour-long YouTube lectures criticising his university’s policy on ‘political correctness’ and objecting to government legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression, writes Ellie Bothwell for Times Higher Education.

Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, hit out at the institution’s new policy to make anti-racism and anti-bias training mandatory among human resources staff, stating that it amounts to “political training” as the views it promotes are “associated with radical Left ideology" and it is predicated on the assumption that group-based oppression is "everywhere".

He added that it assumes that racism and bias exists at the university and that training is the best way to address this. Peterson suggested that HR staff should “refuse to subject themselves to re-education regarding their putative racism and bias, unless they want to convict themselves”.
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