Ministry unveils new roadmap for university education

Algeria has unveiled a new roadmap for higher education and research in efforts to build a knowledge-based economy by raising educational standards, improving the employability of graduates and revitalising research.

The roadmap was announced by Algerian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Tahar Hadjar on 18 September, as reported by Sawtalakhar newspaper.

Among other measures, the roadmap includes a national ranking system for Algerian universities to assist them in meeting international standards.

A monitoring and evaluation system for the performance of higher education institutions will be established along with improving university services and other issues such as transparency and openness.

The roadmap calls for the initiation of dialogue between universities and social partners as well as the enhancement of relationships between Algerian universities and the local labour market.

To promote research within universities, links are to be forged among actors in the science, technology and innovation communities.

The roadmap also calls for the implementation of systems to tackle the spread of intellectual theft in the preparation of doctoral degrees and scientific articles. A recent article carried by University World News revealed that plagiarism had been identified as an increasing problem in Algerian universities.

International mathematics institute

Algeria also plans to set up an international institute for mathematics in efforts to promote quality mathematics education and research in universities as well as produce well-prepared mathematicians for the future.

Sadallah Boubaker-Khaled, a professor of mathematics at École Normale Supérieure in Algiers, welcomed the news about the international institute for mathematical sciences.

"At last and after 15 years, the Algerian mathematicians' demand at the International Year of Mathematics 2000 to establish such an institute will be realised," he told University World News.

Algeria's maths and science education is placed 113th out of 148 countries, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report 2015.

Besides promoting research in mathematics, the new institute will contribute to the expansion and enhancement of mathematics education in higher education institutions in Algeria through the preparation of policies as well as strategic and action plans for producing the needed human capacity for socio-economic development.

The institute is also expected to provide consultancy and advice on developing postgraduate mathematical programmes as well as the development of mathematical research contacts and networking with similar institutes at regional and international levels, including the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

Two new academies

Besides establishing a science and technology academy, Algeria is also considering the setting up of two further academies, namely, an academy for medical sciences and an academy for literature, languages and arts.

The two new academies will focus on enhancing quality higher education and training along with scientific research to improve teaching approaches and practices and improve research in Algerian universities.

"These planned academies must focus on assessment of education in all its stages and prepare a long-term strategy with the aim to promote education and scientific research development," Boubaker-Khaled said.