Brexit fails to deter EU students… this year

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union doesn’t appear to have dented the number of EU students planning to start degrees in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks, though senior figures warn the vote could take a more serious toll next academic year, writes Denise Roland for The Wall Street Journal.

EU students haven’t relinquished offers from UK universities any more than usual this year, according to several top institutions surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. “We’ve had no obvious indication at this stage there will be a reduction in the number of EU students,” said Paul Teulon, director of admissions for King’s College London. However, “we will only really know where we stand towards the end of September or beginning of October”.

The same is true for University College London, according to its provost, Michael Arthur. Representatives of Imperial College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the universities of Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham and Southampton also said they didn’t expect a fall in EU students enrolling this year.
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