New higher education plan to support innovation

The Council for Higher Education unveiled its new multi-year plan last week, allocating an additional NIS6.8 billion (US$1.8 billion) to the higher education system over the course of the next six years, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“Today, the State of Israel begins a new multi-year plan open to research and Israeli researchers, and it will ensure the continued progress and innovation of Israeli academia in the world,” Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who serves as chairman of the Council for Higher Education, said at a press conference in Jerusalem. The plan places emphasis on creating new research infrastructure, the internationalisation of the higher education system, integrating minority groups such as Arab Israelis, haredim and Ethiopians into higher education and reinventing the university as a hub of innovation.

According to figures presented at the press conference, the higher education budget in 2016 stood at NIS10 billion (US$2.6 billion). The new plan will see a yearly addition to that sum, with the allocation of NIS449 million already in 2017, so that by the year 2022, the budget will be NIS12 billion.
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