New research plans respond to nation’s needs

Four major plans have been launched for the development of research to respond to the nation’s socio-economic needs in the sectors of renewable energy; agriculture and food and nutrition security; human health in relation to biodiversity; and environment and climate change.

The four areas were presented by the higher education and research ministry this month, reported Midi Madagasikara of Antananarivo.

They had been approved in 2013 as priorities in the national scientific research strategy, but unfortunately research had often remained at the experimental stage, reported Midi Madagasikara. Now they must truly respond to the country’s needs.

Following regional consultations in 2014 and 2015, research centres, universities, institutes, NGOs and associations, as well as the private sector and ministries, had formulated the directions necessary to deal with economic and social needs under the four plans, said Midi Madagasikara.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original reports.