University heads issue warning over budget cuts

The heads of academic institutions warned last week that the opening of the upcoming academic year would be in jeopardy if planned budget cuts to the higher education system were to pass, reports The Jerusalem Post.

The cuts would see the system’s budget slashed by some NIS 100 million (US$26 million) in the coming year, and by some NIS 500 million over the course of the next five years.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of ongoing discussions surrounding the economic arrangements bill and the two-year budget, as well as the formulation of a new five-year plan for higher education by the Council for Higher Education, or CHE. The past several years have seen the implementation of a multi-year reform for higher education implemented by the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the CHE. Among its many goals, it aims to reverse the brain drain and recruit young scientists back to the Israeli higher education system.
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