Foreign universities consider gaokao scores in admissions

In China's highly competitive market, sometimes even above average scores fail to get the desired results. Now, instead of being shunted to universities they don't want to attend, students have the option of attending universities abroad, thanks to the jump in the number of universities willing to accept gaokao scores, writes Chen Ximeng for Global Times.

Currently, several universities in the United States, Italy, Germany, and around 30 universities in Australia recognise gaokao scores, and the number is still growing. A consultant surnamed Zhu at the Australia International Student Management Center China Office told Metropolitan that since the University of Sydney recognised gaokao in 2012, they have seen a growing number of Australian universities follow suit.

This year is the University of South Florida’s second year of accepting gaokao scores for university admission. The institution is the second university in the US, after the Illinois Institute of Technology, to introduce a gaokao-based early admission programme.
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