Ban sought on armed political activities in universities

Higher Education Minister Sumayia Abu Kosha last week proposed to ban armed political activities in Sudanese universities, reports the Sudan Tribune.

In last April and May, several universities witnessed protests and clashes between students supporting armed groups in Darfur and the Two Areas and those who are backing the ruling National Congress Party. Many government officials accused the armed groups of trying to export violence to Sudanese universities through their sympathisers.

In a speech to the Sudanese legislators at the National Assembly in Khartoum, Abu Kosha said that the ministry of education aims to have Sudanese universities free of violence. The minister further demanded "the enactment of laws that criminalise carrying weapons in universities and prohibiting armed political activity that claims lives". It is not clear if the minister wants to forbid carrying weapons only or banning the political activities of student groups supporting the armed groups, as it was said by Sudanese officials.
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