Students cautioned about fake universities

China is warning its students to steer clear of fake universities. An information website has published a list of 30 such institutions following the annual college entry exam in June. This is the sixth such list in existence, reports RT.

Apparently, faking an entire educational institution isn’t all that difficult. And authorities say they are becoming harder to spot. No less than a dozen provinces and regions – including Beijing and Shanghai – were mentioned in a list by, an education information website, according to Xinhua. Some 30 fake universities were mentioned, compounding an already fat list of 400 since 2013.

The latest list comes courtesy of concerned internet surfers across China who reported the fakes through emails and social media. This was followed by an investigation, according to Xia Xue, founder of, which started in 2013. The institutions are part of a massive, lucrative market in China, involving criminals tricking prospective students into sending them tuition fees. This is often done by impersonating or closely replicating the names and websites of popular colleges and universities.
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